J spoke

these will be the years

but i wish i could feel it all for you

stared at the blank screen for a few minutes, being unable to think of a suitable title. In like a whole complete mess right now for the reason i would least expect - boyfriend in the damn army :/

everyone says its hard and its bad and all but I never thought it would be this bad. I never thought that our time together has now been reduced to less than 24h every weekend for the next 2 years sigh. I know we’ll be okay though, its just the thought of less and less time is such a huge turn off.

first week of school and im already tired and worried about what to expect from year 3 this year, and now with this added issue it really just makes this week really quite horrible..

on one hand im excited for him that he will grow to become a stronger and better person, but also worried at the hardship that he would have to endure to get there in the first place

so lost because i dont even know what to expect anymore, so many uncertainties and crazy shit happening this week i just want to sleep and wake up and let time return to when everything was stress free and okay..

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